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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dautore 2601 Hobo

Name of this handbag?
This bag's called Dautore 2601 Hobo.

Who made this bag?
Dautore is the maker of this gorgeous bag

Colors available for this bag?
Dautore 2601 Hobo is available in these colors:
  • Preto
  • Argila
  • Cafe
Detail bag description?
Details for Dautore 2601 Hobo:
It’s time to rock the hobo bag. This classic shape has never looked so good. Dautore brings its south-of-the-border style to this leather bag. The exterior features a cool cut and knotted treatment to the side trim and handle, lending it an air of understated rocker chic. Inside the zippered top, you’ll find a festive lining and enough room to tote all of your valuables, whether you are hitting the beach, the office, or the hottest nightspot in town.
  • Materials :
    • Leather
    • Printed fabric lining
  • Measurements :
    • 9" high
    • 17" wide
    • 7" deep
    • 9.0" shoulder drop
  • ItemDetails :
    • Zipper closure
  • ItemNumber/ASIN :
    • B001B8IQDS
Personalized and with plenty of attitude, Dautore bags combine the refinery in the treatment of the material with the detail of the form and finish. The lively colors of Dautore bags reflect Rio in an explosion of nuances and hues which express the personality of the women who wear them.

How much does it cost?
On endless.com or Amazon.com Dautore 2601 Hobo will cost you about $ 291.18 - 331.12.

Is there other images of this bag?
Other images of Dautore 2601 Hobo: